1. What is the procedure followed to take a decision for various matters ?

Important Decisions concerning the Department are taken with the approval of Chief Minister, Minister concerned, Chief Secretary through Administrative Department. The Minister i/c is statutory Head of the Department. The Secretary of the Department and Director are to assist the Minister in carrying out the decision/instruction of the Minister in charge. Minor Decision making is done at the Directorate level by the Director after asking/collecting suggestions from subordinate officers. Sensitive and Policy matters and Financial matters beyond the power of Director are referred to the Administrative Department for decision/approval of Finance Department.

2 What are the documented procedures/laid down procedures/Defined Criteria/Rules to arrive at a particular decision for important matters ? What are the different levels through which a decision process moves ?

The Rules laid down in the Govt. of Mizoram Transaction of Business Rules, 1987 and the Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure are the main documented procedures being followed by the Department. Normally, in policy matter and other matters requiring decision of higher authority or the Administrative Department, proposal is submitted by the Head of department to the Administrative department for consulting the Minister concerned, the Chief Secretary, the Chief Minister as the case may be.

3 What are the arrangements to communicate the decision to the public?

Important matters for public information are used to be pasted in the Department Notice Board and published in the official Gazette, Local newspapers and broadcasted through All India Radio, Doordarshan and local TVs.

4 Who are the officers at various levels whose opinions are sought for the process of decision making.

i) Director
ii) Secretary
iii) Chief Secretary
iv) Minister concern
v) Chief Minister

5 Who is the final authority that vet the decision?

The Minister concern is normally the final authority of the Department in decision making . There are Some Cases which are required to be submitted to the Chief Secretary, Chief Minister for decision.

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