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No.B.13015/5/2012-DTE (DMR), dated Aizawl, 2nd March, 2016: In pursuant to the recommendation of the meeting of the Departmental Selection Committee of State Disaster Management Coordinator (SDMC) and District Disaster Management Coordinator (DDMC) held on 25th February, 2016, the following persons are hereby appointed as shown against their names and post.


Sl. No.

Name and Address

Name of Post

Place of Posting


Zoenmawii d/o P.C. Liantluanga (L), Republic Veng, Aizawl


SEOC, Aizawl           


Zotinkimi d/o Zosangzuala

Dawrpui Veng, Aizawl


SEOC, Aizawl           


P.C. Zoramthara s/o Ngurbiakthanga Vengpui, Selesih                    


DEOC, Champhai      


Irene Lalmuanzovi d/o David L. Thangliana

Zarkawt Mc Donald Hill


DEOC, Aizawl          


Lalchhuanawma s/o Ngulsangvela DDMC Ramhlun North, Aizawl


DEOC, Mamit


The appointment will be initially for a period of 6 months. The appointment is also liable to be terminated at anytime without assigning any reason thereof.

The appointees may submit their joining report to the undersigned within a period of fifteen days failing which they will be treated as having declined the appointment.



                        The Selection Committee further recommend the following candidates to be placed in the panel in case any of the recommended candidates, fails to join or leave the service after joining for any reasons.


1.      Lalzenghaki d/o Biaksanga (L),

Chaltlang N, Aizawl.


2.      K. Zoramthanga s/o K.Lalbiakmawia,

Venghlui, Aizawl.


3.      Christina Vanlalruati d/o Lallungmuana,

Zemabawk, Aizawl

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