A brief highlights on the list of services being provided by the department are as follows:

1.     Natural Calamities/Drought and Flood Relief and Gratuitous Relief GoI-UNDP/CRF

The United Nations Development Programme with the Government of India (The Ministry of Home Affairs signed Memorandum of Understanding with Govt. of Mizoram under “Disaster Risk Management” Programme for 2002-2010 to be implemented in 17 selected seismic zone V States including Mizoram. The Government of Mizoram appointed the R & R Department (now DM & R), Department as nodal Department for implementation of the DRM Programme. The Government of India has so far released Rs. 30,177,397 under UNDP to the State Nodal Agency for implementing of the programme in the State for strengthening of SEOC/DEOC procurement of S & R equipments support. Honorarium of Consultant & Field Officers.


2.   Government of India prepares a Scheme for constitution and administration of the Calamity Relief Fund (CRF). The Scheme is operative throughout India and from the financial year 2005-2006 to 2009-2010 for extending payment of immediate relief to the victims of Cyclone, Drought, Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Tsunami, Hailstorm, Landslide, Avalanche, Cloudburst and Pest attack.


3.   In case of insufficiency of Fund under CRF for making payment of relief to the victims of Disasters, the National Contingency Fund (NCCF) is made available by Government of India in the case of severe nature of Disasters. A list of approved items and norms for assistance and Funds under CRF and NCCF are at Annexure-I.


4.    Ex-Gratia Grants

The Department has a token provision of Rs. 0.6 lakh under Social Security & Welfare under 
Major Head of Account - 2235 
Minor Head - 800 Other Expenditure
Sub Head - (01) Ex-gratia Grant
Object Head - (50) Other Charges.


5.    Relief & Rehabilitation of Displaced Persons

The Department has a token provision for Rs. 0.5 lakh under Social Security & Welfare for Relief & Rehabilitation of Displaced persons under 
Major Head of Account - 2235
Minor Head - 200 Other Relief measures
Sub Head - (01) Relief & Rehabilitation of Displaced persons.
Object Head - (50) Other charges.


6.   Disaster Risk Management

a.    Pre-disaster management as pro-active strategy including preparedness, prevention and mitigation, wherein every Department has important roles.

The Disaster Risk Management in Mizoram is functioning at the State Level with State Steering Committee. The Department carries out its DRM work through the Deputy Commissioners in all the districts by organizing awareness Training at various R.D Blocks and Villages levels, in a form of Workshop, mock-drill, etc.

Mizoram is located in the zone V category which means that its location is within the area most vulnerable to severe earthquake. In view of the earthquake disaster, the department has taken up various measures for preparedness and mitigation by organizing training, Mock Drill, displaying hoarding, Essay writing competition, public awareness campaign with the proposal for drafting and enactment of Building Regulations. Necessary materials for Training and Search & Rescue equipments are being procured.


b.   Post-disaster management as re-active strategy including relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction

Besides providing immediate relief to the victims of cyclone, drought, earthquake, Fire, Flood, Tsunami, Hailstorm, Landslide as per norms of assistance from the CRF and NCCF (Annexure I) The State Level Committee is responsible to consider rehabilitation and assessment for reconstruction under NCCF for the victims of Disasters. For this purpose, it is considered necessary to have/a separate comprehensive Relief code of Mizoram in view of the peculiarities of Calamities prevailing in Mizoram.

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