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      In the beginning, the Department of Relief and Rehabilitation Department (now renamed as the Disaster Management & Rehabilitation) is functioning only with few officers and staff at Directorate Level. Having no District offices all the Deputy Commissioner in the Districts are entrusted with the responsibility of immediate relief payments to the victims of Natural Calamities as per the Norms of CRF. Disaster Management Committees are formed at the State, Districts, Blocks and Village levels to extend immediate relief to the victims of various natural disasters like earthquake, cyclone, hailstorm, cloudburst, landslide, flood, Fire etc. Cyclone and Landslide being the main disaster in Mizoram a number of HDPE Tarpaulin. are distributed free of cost every year to needy victims of Landslide and Cyclone, for saving dwelling houses from landslide, hailstorm, etc and for prevention of further landslide itself.


History of the Department             
Initially, the function of the Relief and Rehabilitation Department was confined to giving immediate relief to the victims of Natural calamities and rehabilitation of MNF Returnees. When Mizoram U.T became a full-fledged State a new allocation of business was notified by the Government of Mizoram vide No.J.12011/11/87-POL dt. 23.03.1987. The purview of the Department has been widened even to the Pre-Disaster Management besides giving immediate relief and rehabilitation. As such, the Relief and Rehabilitation Department had been renamed as “Disaster Management & Rehabilitation Department” to shoulder wider responsibility of Disaster Management comprising the following subject vide Government Notification No.A.46013/2/2006-GAD Dt. 24.8.2006.


1. Natural Calamity/Drought and Flood Relief.

2. Gratuitous Relief.

3. Disaster Management:

    a. Pre-disaster management as pro-active strategy including preparedness, prevention
        and mitigation, wherein every Department has important roles. 
    b. Post-disaster management as re-active strategy including relief, rehabilitation and



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