The main activities/functions of the department was giving immediate relief to the victims of natural calamities. In 1987, when Mizoram became a full-fledged state, additional assignment was allocated i.e. Rehabilitation of MNF/HPC/BNLF returnees. The purview of the department has been further expanded towards Disaster Risk Management as Mizoram falls under seismic Zone V i.e. severe earthquake may happen anytime in Mizoram.

(i) Mizoram is receiving heavy rainfall for 6 months every year during monsoon. As such the inhabitants are likely to suffer from cyclone, landslide, cloudburst, lightning, flood etc. Therefore, the main objective of the department is to prevent the loss of lives and properties and to minimize the sufferings of the people owing to Monsoon.

(ii) Mizoram is lying within the Seismic Zone V (Earthquake prone area.) As such, Govt. of India is taking initiative under UNDP – DRM Programme with Government of Mizoram to sensitize the awareness to the public for prevention/mitigation of earthquake Disaster in a form of Training and preparedness to face the Disaster.

(iii) Rehabilitation of underground personnel who came over ground following the dialogue and Peace Accord 1986 signed between Government of India and the underground MNF Leaders are also taken up by the Department.

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